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Welcome to South Terrace Urology

South Terrace Urology’s surgeons possess an extensive range of skills, capitalising on the subspecialty expertise within the group. They offer patients a wide range of treatment options and high-quality Urological care throughout Adelaide and wider South Australia.

One of the leading Urology practices in South Australia, South Terrace Urology has been in operation since the 1960’s. The expertise of our surgeons and their ongoing commitment to research and education ensures the highest standard of Urological assessment and surgery. We work with the latest technology to provide patients with a high standard of modern, individualised clinical care.

South Terrace Urology Doctors in Adelaide

Cancer Surgery

Our Urologists specialise in the management of:
Cancers of the kidney, bladder, prostate, and testes, Minimally invasive surgery, Robotic surgery.

We provide a comprehensive, rapid assessment service for privately insured patients who need urgent assessment and diagnosis.  This GP referred service provides patients with timely, high-quality Urological care whenever it is required.  We offer second opinions to patients seeking more information or a different point of view about their Urological health.  Patients…

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South Terrace Urology Doctors in Adelaide

Kidney Stones

Urinary stones are hard mineral deposits that form in the kidney and cause severe pain, usually in the side of the abdomen.  This pain is often accompanied by nausea and can cause infection, kidney damage or failure

Most kidney stone episodes require a CT scan, blood and urine tests for an accurate diagnosis

At South Terrace Urology our doctors are specialised in the treatment of kidney stones and can provide you with a range of treatment options.  We have emergency appointments available…

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South Terrace Urology Doctors in Adelaide

Prostate Enlargement

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH, is a condition in which the prostate enlarges as men get older.  BPH is a very common condition that affects over 500 million aging men worldwide. Over 40% of men in their 50s and over 70% of men in their 60s have BPH1.  While BPH is a benign condition and unrelated to prostate cancer, it can greatly affect a man’s quality of life.

As the prostate enlarges, it presses on and blocks…

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South Terrace Urology Doctors in Adelaide


Vasectomy is a safe, effective, and permanent method of contraception.  It should be considered in men who wish for:

Permanent contraception

no preparation before or during sex

A high success rate and low risk of complication

no other children

What is a Vasectomy?

Sperm are produced in the testicles before moving into the epididymis, which sits on the back surface of each testicle.  These sperm remain in the epididymis where they mature.  The sperm then travels up each vas and…

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South Terrace Urology Doctors in Adelaide

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Australia.  Early detection is key to surviving the disease.  Your risk of developing prostate cancer increases with age, but that doesn’t mean it’s a disease that only affects old men.  Prostate cancer can grow slowly and may not cause many problems but a lot of men have prostate cancer that is more likely to spread.  If left untreated these prostate cancers may spread through the body.

 In Australia, every year…

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Meet Our Specialists

Meet our urology doctors in Adelaide. South Terrace Urology’s Urological Surgeons treat men and women with problems involving the kidney, bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs. These conditions include cancer, stones, infection, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and fertility.

Each of our Urologists has undergone extensive postgraduate training and have developed subspecialist skills ensuring you receive the most up to date and evidence-based advice.

We provide 24/7 emergency cover. In the event that your doctor is away, you will have access to a Urologist within our practice to ensure continuity of care at all times.