Sexual Function Rehabilitation

Registered Nurse Anne Fowler conducts clinics to rehabilitate sexual function. Patients who have erectile dysfunction, due to any cause can benefit from these clinics.

  • Anne offers a structured rehabilitation program, based on the latest international research to assist you with your sexual function.
  • The program is individually managed in conjunction with your treating surgeon.
  • You are encouraged to bring your partner to all sessions.
  • For information about this service please speak to your South Terrace Urology doctor or call Anne at the rooms.

Self-Catheterisation and Dilatation Clinic

South Terrace Urology’s Registered Nurses provide education and support to patients who require self-catheterisation and urethral dilatation.

Catheter Care

Under the direction of your STU Urologist, our nurses are able to change your catheter and offer support and education with drainage bags, and assist with product supply issues.

Hormone Implants/Injections

Registered Nurses at South Terrace Urology are able to administer anti-androgen therapies to patients who require treatment for prostate cancer, as directed by your South Terrace Urology doctor.