South Terrace Urology

South Terrace Urology’s surgeons possess an extensive range of skills,

capitalising on the subspecialty expertise within the group.

They offer patients a wide range of treatment options and

high-quality Urological care throughout Adelaide and wider South Australia.


One of the leading Urology practices in South Australia, South Terrace Urology has been in operation since the 1960’s.  The expertise of our surgeons and their ongoing commitment to research and education ensures the highest standard of Urological assessment and surgery.  We work with the latest technology to provide patients with a high standard of modern, individualised clinical care. 


Our Urologists specialise in the management of:

  • Cancers of the kidney, bladder, prostate, and testes,
  • Minimally invasive surgery,
  • Robotic surgery,
  • Benign prostate management,
  • Urinary tract disease and bladder problems,
  • Kidney stone disease,
  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Vasectomy and
  • Vasectomy reversal. 

We provide a comprehensive, rapid assessment service for privately insured patients who need urgent assessment and diagnosis.  This GP referred service provides patients with timely, high-quality Urological care whenever it is required.  We offer second opinions to patients seeking more information or a different point of view about their Urological health.  Patients seeking second opinions regarding their cancer treatment options will be fast-tracked to see our doctors, reducing the anxiety of waiting for further advice.

We have an on-call Urologist available for after-hours emergencies at all times and this year-round service supports our patients and referring GPs who seek urgent specialist care.

South Terrace Urology is a well-established practice comprising a dedicated and caring team of doctors, urology nurses and administrative staff.  Our accredited day hospital provides patients with minor, local anesthetic procedures in a safe and friendly environment.  We are regularly audited for compliance with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.  We are up to date with the national infection prevention and control guidelines.  Major surgery and more invasive procedures are performed at larger hospitals in Adelaide and various country locations.

We accept all health funds and have onsite and off-site car parking available.  If you require any more information about South Terrace Urology, our doctors, nursing staff or safety policies, please call us.  You may also like to read some of our reviews.


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