What is TURBT?

  • TURBT stands for transurethral removal of bladder tumor
  • This is removal of a bladder tumor via a telescope inserted through the urethra
  • No cuts are made on the outside of the body

Why do I need this?

To remove a bladder tumor and determine if it is a cancer and its extent

How long does it take?

20 – 40 minutes under a general anaesthetic

What are the risks?

  • Bleeding and blood clots in urine
  • Need for blood transfusion
  • Infection in urine or blood (sepsis) – antibiotics are given
  • Perforation of the bladder

What can I expect after surgery?

  • A catheter may remain overnight to drain urine and wash out any blood clots
  • Hospital stay is 2 – 3 days
  • You may have some urinary frequency, urgency or blood in your urine during recovery, which can take up to 6 weeks to settle

Bladder Cancer Patient Guidebook