Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver excellence in the provision of urological health.

South Terrace Urology strives to offer the best Urologists Adelaide. In the aim to foster a culture of Continual Quality Improvement and Safe Practice for our patients and staff, with consultation processes incorporated into South Terrace Urology’s organisational structure.


South Terrace Urology aims to provide the most qualified Urologists Adelaide:

  • Provide high-quality holistic care based on Best Practice Principles
  • To utilise South Terrace Urology’s resources effectively and efficiently
  • To achieve excellence in leadership and management which is consultative and supportive to all staff
  • To provide a comfortable, relaxed, safe environment conducive to patient care & recovery
  • To maintain competencies of staff at all levels by providing in-service education and by encouraging staff participation in educational programs offered by other facilities
  • To ensure all South Terrace Urology staff are aware of their legal, moral and ethical responsibilities
  • To maintain ongoing evaluation and to monitor the quality of care ensuring service excellence to the customer

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