About The Practice

About the day surgery

South Terrace Urology Day Surgery is a private Urological Day Surgery providing care and facilities of the highest caliber.

Situated on South Terrace overlooking Adelaide’s south-eastern parklands, the practice is easily accessed from all routes to the city.

The Directors and staff of South Terrace Urology are committed to excellence as leaders in the provision of urological services within Australia. All management and staff are involved in the continuing evaluation of the practice and its services thereby ensuring good patient outcomes and continuing ISO9001 and National Safety and Quality Healthcare Standards accreditation with Global-Mark.

The practice is committed to staff training and development, enabling its continuance in offering a high standard of quality care.

The increased use of the Day Surgery facilities contributed to the need for the change of the physical facilities within the practice. A new theatre suite was built in 1999-2000, where specialised urological treatments and investigations are performed.

South Terrace Urology’s History

The South Terrace Urology premises were purpose-built in the early 1960s by Adelaide’s first urologist, Dr John Maddern and his colleague, plastic surgeon Dr. Don Robinson.  A small operating theatre was incorporated into the design where small, non-invasive procedures could be conducted.

As advances in urology progressed, John Maddern decided to expand the urology practice by mentoring promising young urologists. His plan of encouraging them to establish their own private practices from the South Terrace rooms and the wider South Australian community laid a solid foundation for South Terrace Urology’s continued growth and viability.

By 1995 it became obvious the practice had grown too large to accommodate both urology and plastic surgery practices.  The plastic surgeons moved out of the building and the urologists built South Terrace Urology’s reputation as the leading urology practice in South Australia.

In 1999 the theatre suite was rebuilt to incorporate an improved sterilization and theatre facility that was approved by the Health Commission in January 2000 to become a registered day surgery.  South Terrace Urology Day Surgery was first accredited in June 2001.

South Terrace Urology’s commitment to ongoing accreditation is reflected in our philosophy to offer quality health care and facilities that promote and protect the health and well being of the community we serve.

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